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Making Flat Tires Suck Less!

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Necessity, the Mother of Stompump

The Stompump was born years ago after a miserable experience on the side of the road in a freezing rainstorm fighting a mini-pump for twenty minutes to fix a flat. We needed a solution. Since that time, we have spent countless hours perfecting a pump for all types of cyclists.

Infinite and Reliable

All cyclists need a reliable pump: Road, MTB, CX, Gravel, E-bikes. One universal truth: we all suffer flats. A dependable and user-friendly pump is the most critical piece of equipment a cyclist can carry.

Stompump Features

  • Integrated Filter

    Stompump's integrated filter keeps dirt and grit from damaging the internals of your pump for smooth action for years to come. It also keeps the air in your tires clean.

  • Eco Friendly

    The Stompump's air is infinite. There's no need to use costly and wasteful CO2 cartridges.

  • Easy to Use

    Because the Stompump is pumped using your body's strongest muscles (your legs) it's infinitely easier than using a hand pump.

The Stompump in Action


What is Stompump's Maximum Pressure?

Stompump was created to be a lightweight, compact, bike-stowable pump for high-volume, medium-pressure tires. Its maximum pressure is 60 PSI.

How much does the Stompump weigh?

The Stompump weighs 185 grams. Less than half a pound! 

Can I get an extra Frame-Dock?

Yes, we have them available on our Kickstarter campaign and they'll be available here in our store once the campaign has ended.

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